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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FastCheque?

FastCheque is a cheque printing system which can be used to print cheques instead of writing cheques by hand. Printed cheques put positive impression on your supplier and banker. Also you can avoid certain mistakes like amount written in numbers and written in words might be different etc. It also records all transactions of issued cheques and offers various reports.

Can we Print on Normal cheque leafs or need pre-printed stationary?

Yes, It can print on your normal cheque leafs! You don’t need any special stationary. Just tear cheque leaf from cheque book, put into printer and click print!

Does FastCheque work on multiple computers together?

Yes! You can install FastCheque on multiple computers on same network (LAN). Software can share database on LAN in between multiple users and can generate consolidated reports!

Do you offer customer support and how?

We offer free customer support for software by Phone & Internet during work hours! Live Support tool is included in our software installation. If 1st level of support which is through phone does not resolve your issue, you can click on Support button in the software which opens Support Tool and shows ID & Password. Tell us your ID & Password which is randomly generated and we can help you same time while sitting in our office and can help you.

Do we need any Special Printer or any printer can work?

Software supports majority of common printers which can intake the cheque leaf! However we do offer a free printer along with software.

How we can purchase and install the FastCheque?

Please get in-touch with us by email or phone (+971-4-4216577) and place order to our representative. Same or next day, our technician can visit your office to deliver the package and can perform Installation & Training for you.

How does Software licensing work?

The licensing of the software is per-computer. 1 license of the FastCheque allows you to install it on one computer at once. Licenses can be transferred to another computer as long as you uninstall the previous one. You may Re-install FastCheque on the same computer with the same license in case of system format etc. Please email or call us to transfer license from one computer to another one.